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Arrival of the Birds & Transformation - The Cinematic Orchestra
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Full tracks - “Arrival of the Birds" & "Transformation" by The Cinematic Orchestra — Some of the most beautiful music you will ever experience.

The two tracks flow together so perfectly.



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For Old Time’s Snake

The tale of a pregnant woman who confronts a basilisk she defeated in her adventurous youth.


My final project from last spring, colored it over the summer :D I wanted to fix/add a few more things but I’ve been drawing far too many important cubes and eyres this quarter and probably won’t have time. 

Sssstiiill sorting out how to color the cover though. If you’ve got any ideas speak up D: I’d appreciate it. 

Eeeee this is gorgeous!


Berserk fanart by hunsay


The Flowing Fins of Siamese Fighting Fish by visarute angkatavanich

Stunning Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish Visarute- Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich  says that photographing fish is his true ‘passion.’



Nidhi Sunil & Radhika Nair - Grazia India

photographer Taras Taraporvala

styled by Ekta Rajani

Hair and makeup by Mira Parma



These photos are by Omar Victor Diop. There’s even more of them on his site here so it’s worth looking at.


The empress’ wife.

This is development art for an original project you can see more of here!


Two wing wraps are available and ready to ship! http://missmonster.myshopify.com/

Hand dyed 90” long wing wrap. Drapes over the shoulders or can be wrapped around your body. Add a fancy cloak clasp for an even more dramatic look! These are hand dyed with lasting high quality materials.


Each wrap is one of a kind, no two will ever be the same. I’m offering these as i make them, you are buying the exact wrap pictured. They take awhile to produce but i will try to make them available as often as i can.

The red wrap has cool iridescent dots while the grey has dramatic gold accents. All dyes and paints and been heat set.



50/50 wool/polyester material. Do not machine wash or dry clean! Spot clean only with water, do not use solvents. The fabric is dyed and heat set but due to the handmade nature of this piece please treat it with care.


Inspired by the rich gold and black of Dolce and Gabbana’s A/W 2012 collection, I saw this fabric and knew it was meant to be.  Just finished over Thanksgiving weekend, it’s been a great relief since I haven’t sewn anything this ambitious in a long time.