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An early Live to Fight Another Day Jedi Rex sketch :) "This is not the clone you’re looking for." Haha!Story by raemanzu and spica-tea


An early Live to Fight Another Day Jedi Rex sketch :)
"This is not the clone you’re looking for." Haha!
Story by raemanzu and spica-tea


Aragorn the reluctant and faintly embarrassed best man at Legolas and Gimli’s wedding.

Aragorn with his face in his hands as they get their serious mack on after the culturally-appropriate “you man now kiss the husband” bit, mumbling to himself in shell-shocked terror “the things I saw on the road…”

Gimli and Legolas participating in an epic cake-eating competition while Aragorn passes out back-up cake for the guests and explains: “I expected this.”

Aragorn having to give a best man speech for both Legolas and Gimli. Both sides of the family arguing loudly over which speech should be given first. The Elves eventually agree to go last because they have greater patience than the short-lived dwarves. The dwarves take grievous insult to this. Aragorn trying to explain how Legolas was like a brother to him and Gimli is a fine warrior. Aragorn being unable to get through either speech thanks to Legolas and Gimli loudly heckling each other’s speeches.

A couple dishonored dead ghosts show up just to see this most insane and greatest party ever thrown. Aragorn standing to the side of the dance floor while the dishonored dead try to lasso him in to dance with them. “You are free. I released you. Please. Go. Go now.”

Aragorn with his head on the table while Eowyn and Faramir giggle in a corner together and be super lovey-dovey at the wedding. Aragorn getting a headache from all the hitting himself in the face when Eowyn catches the bouquet (Gimli threw it) because she SLIDE TACKLED another female guest to get it and most of the lady guests new better than to challenge of shieldmaiden of Rohan for the damn bouquet anyway. Aragorn having to console a drunk Faramir that Boromir would have loved Eowyn, he would have, and yes, he was the best big brother in the world, I agree.

Aragorn having to carry a drunk off his ASS Gandalf back to his damn room while Gandalf might be hitting on him???? “You’re looking pretty Gandalf the Green, old friend, why don’t we just get you to your bed.” “Get me to YOUR bed, heir of Isildur! Hellah.” “By the bane of Isildur, nO.”

Aragorn staring mournfully at a pile of drunken hobbits writhing on the dance floor doing God knows what. It might be dancing. At least three of them are kind of cousins, please let it be dancing. 

Aragorn sliding down to the ground as they send Legolas and Gimli off on their honeymoon, Gimli carrying Legolas (very slowly) in his arms into their bedroom while the two shout the lewdest things imaginable over their shoulders as a preemptive play-by-play of the upcoming night for their wedding guests.

Aragorn the saddest best man ever, is what I’m saying.

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For mechayamato's birthday (have a feeling it might be a bit late). Featuring not much plot and Yamato/Kinoe being a wee bit agoraphobic, because c'mon he spent a significant part of his early life in enclosed spaces. Also possibly definitely on the cheesy side.  Hope you like it!

A few days after training begins, Kinoe gets up the nerve to ask whether anything Hashirama created is still around - he’s been studying every tree he sees, but he doesn’t know if he would recognize one of the First Hokage’s trees if he saw it.

In answer, Danzo takes him into Konoha.

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natasha’s humor is so great though because it’s almost close to but also completely different from what you’re used to seeing from other (male) antihero characters - you know, the whole Charming Asshole, snarky-in-the-face-of-danger, devil-may-care vibe (see: tony stark, peter quill in the mcu)

natasha always has a gravity to her no matter how flippant or sarcastic she’s being. her humor is dry and constantly self-aware, it’s there because she’s seen so much and done so much that what else can she do but crack a smile? and the best, the best thing about natasha’s humor is that the jokes are mostly for herself. this is a woman who is known to be cold and distant with others, but when she climbs onto a boat full of unknown danger in the dead of night, she thinks to herself “lost in a sea of uncertainty…pun intended.” she doesn’t care if nobody thinks it’s funny but her because she’s her own audience (which can have a sad implication regarding how much time she’s spent alone in her life). in the charming asshole trope, the humor or dickishness usually at least partially turns out to be a performance, one that masks some sort of vulnerability. with natasha, it’s the opposite. the humor is where she’s vulnerable, where she’s honest. if natasha tells you a joke, it means she’s a. probably about to kick your ass and thus doesn’t give a shit or b. that she trusts you. (also, when natasha makes fun of steve in catws it never crosses a line into actual meanness - she’s not insensitive, just irreverent). 

basically: natasha’s humor is for herself. she hasn’t exactly had a funny or entertaining life, so she’s got to generate that or i think she’d break down. and the world is pretty funny, once you’ve seen enough of it. brutal, complicated, and unfair - but pretty fucking funny, too. knowing natasha, whatever there is of a real her, means being in on the joke.  



なるとつめ | 庄田Posted with Artist's PermissionPlease do not remove source


なるとつめ | 庄田
Posted with Artist's Permission
Please do not remove source